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Fleas in the Yard

Flea remedies for getting rid of Fleas in your yard. Learn how to kill Fleas in your yard and keep your pets and house Flea free zones. 

If you have a Flea infestation in your yard then those Fleas are going to naturally migrate to your dog or cat. Getting rid of Fleas in your yard will keep Fleas off your pets and out of your house.

One question I had, when researching what I needed to do -to get rid of Fleas in my household, was: How can Fleas live in my yard - if they live off of blood?

This is what I learned:
If your dog or cat has Fleas, but you don't know about it for a week or more - as your pets moves from inside to outside the house, Flea eggs are dropping everywhere, including the yard or outside area where your pet spends time. So, it makes sense if we don't treat the outside of our house to kill the Flea eggs and Larvae - there's going to be new Fleas moving around.Fleas in the Yard treatments and how to get red of fleas in your yard

Fleas use wild animals as hosts, just as they do a dog or cat. Wild animals carrying Fleas can deposit Flea eggs and Flea Larvae if they are in your yard. Animals that may frequent your yard and leave behind Fleas include raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes, opossums, skunks, and ferrets.

Here are the Steps for General Yard Flea Control

Clean Up the Debris in Your Yard

Remove anything broken or unused that's laying around the yard and can be used as hiding places for Fleas. This includes piles of leaves, old dead plants and piles of dirt. By clearing out anything that can be used as a Flea home will bring the Fleas out into the open and allow your yard Flea treatment to reach and eliminate them more easily. If you remove things Fleas will hide in, it will also encourage them to move elsewhere where they can find new shelter.

Place Nematodes into Your Yard

Nematodes are beneficial garden insects that feed on the larvae and eggs of Fleas. Pretty cool, huh? While Nematodes control the young Flea population, the older Fleas eventually will die out, leaving your yard Flea-free. Call around to your Local feed stores or garden supply stores to see which ones carry Nematodes. A super-added bonus of Nematodes is they also control termites. Nemotodes are kept in a cool place, and when you buy/receive - need to be applied to the area you're treating, within a couple of days.
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Dusting with Diatomaceous Earth

Dusting your yard with Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) doesn't harm humans or animals in the yard, but it does kill the Fleas. Diatomaceous Earth also kills a variety of other insects. This powder is very porous and when the Fleas come into contact with it, it makes tiny cuts on the Flea body. These cuts eventually add up, causing the Fleas to die of dehydration. Diatomaceous Earth should be applied in dry weather conditions, as it will wash away after watering or rain.



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